Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tough to Get Rid Of

We're now at Day 10 of the Great Blackbird Riddance Rodeo---my effort to discourage Red Winged Blackbirds by cutting off the seed supply.  This tactic has driven off the siskins and finches---I haven't seen one in days.  But the blackbirds remain a pesky presence.  I hear them in neighbor trees almost every day, albeit not in the numbers hitherto observed.  But as this photo at the peanut feeder shows there are still some looking for an easy handout.  This rodeo may take a long time to realize results.  And I am starting to picture the feeders being empty now to at least 3/15.  And I thought squirrels were a nuisance!  Red Winged Blackbirds may be much worse...

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