Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snowbirds Sticking Around

One of the great delights of an incoming winter is seeing the marvelous "snowbirds" (Slate Colored Juncos) arrive at one's feeders.  The marvel never real wears off, although it gets stranger and stranger to see juncos in one's yard as spring moves in and on.  I am still seeing a small group of very active juncos.  We have had two days over 70F now, and flowers are a-bud everywhere.  And there are the juncos.  This does seem late to my thinking.  Perhaps they are aware of the persistent "blocking action" that has kept our temperatures unseasonably cold?  of course not.  They haven't received the final time-to-migrate signal from Mother Nature.  I assume they'll be gone any day now.  I can appreciate these delightful birds, but I am more than ready for the warmer days.  We shall see when those come!

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