Monday, March 18, 2013

That Did Not Take Long

For nearly a month, the feeders were empty.  I stopped refilling as the Great Backyard Bird Count ended in an effort to discourage a mob of pesky Red Winged Blackbirds (or is that term "cloud"?)  The tactic worked.  Eventually there were no signs or sounds of RWBs, so I experimented with reloading every sunflower tube (and other feeders).  One expected the birds to return in a few days.  Not quite.  It was a few hours.  It was no time at all before American Goldfinches, mostly, descended and began draining the tubes.  This is proof that the birds regularly check past successful food sources but can do well without feeder food if the need arises.  The fast past of consumption has been resumed.  Now, do I need to slow down the finches?

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