Saturday, March 16, 2013

Surprises in the Tropics

Hello again, dear friends!  I am back after a refreshing cruise in the Caribbean!  This was a most welcome break after a long and tedious winter.  And it permitted the opportunity not only of seeing places hitherto unseen but encountering the unexpected, birdwise.  Let me talk of one of these.  I am always struck at seeing birds in unimagined settings.  Consider this Ruddy Turnstone.  Last I saw one (August 2012) it was in a familiar locale: an oceanside beach.  Yet last week, 1100 miles south of that point (1,780 km.) I find a bunch of them in the "wrong" place: the Turtle Farm on the north end of Grand Cayman Island.  These birds had adapted to a routine of snatching food put down for the turtles, and they allowed people to come very close indeed.  I came within a meter of one myself.  So this is how they spend their winters!  As you would imagine many birds adapt themselves to people places such as Grand Cayman, but this one took me the most by surprise.  More later?  we'll see!

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