Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exotics That Aren't

It's always a truism that one person's exotic life lister might just be another person's you're-kidding-that's-just-a-bird.  Such was the case when we encountered these Greater Antillian Grackles during our cruise adventure.  For me, this bird was an absolute first.  They occur nowhere closer to my home than, say, Cuba.  But they're quite common throughout the Caribbean islands.  We encountered them at an outdoor cafe serving a tourist stop - working orange plantation.  And when quizzed to the species, our guide scoffed and said, "Just Blackbirds".  This is practically the reaction I would give if some visitor from abroad asked me about our Common Grackles.  Heck, even Californians don't see them!  So for a brief moment while jerk chicken was consumed, two cultures met.  And a fairly common bird in one place dazzled me.

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