Sunday, June 9, 2013

Time For a Shut Down

The duck menace has grown.  Not only is the pair of Mallard Ducks coming by each day (morning and evening, it seems) but Mrs. Menace stayed the night.  I spotted her in the scratch ground well past sunset and she was there in the morning.  I begin to suspect these ducks are contemplating a nest.  Well, they may be thinking about it but the diner has closed.  I pulled all of the seed feeders and we'll see how many scraps of seeds these big eaters can dredge up before they move on---for good.  My mood has soured, especially as Mrs. Menace has a bad temper and a sassy attitude, and as I generally don't need ducks in the yard.  We'll see if they persist.

1 comment:

Dave Wenning said...

Your nemesis is ducks. Mine is Starlings. Ugh! I can't put any suet at all any more.