Monday, August 19, 2013

Life in the Salt Marsh

Home again!  the annual church music conference is behind me and it is back to ordinary life in the North Carolina Piedmont.  But the coast had its splendors, even if abbreviated by the machinations of a stalled front (meaning: lots of rain).  No matter: I did get some time in the conference center's salt marsh overlook of Bogue Sound.  The center lies on a barrier island affording precious Oceanside and soundside habitats.  The ocean is fine in August, albeit limited in its selection (mostly Sanderlings and Willets) but the marsh is better still.  I always find birds of interest there.  They are successful at hiding and I am inept and coaxing them out, but one or two emerge as a compromise.  This year's happy moment was a very close encounter with a Great Egret.  And the bird stayed put, perhaps sensing I was a non-threat.  Other fairly common denizens include Clapper Rails, Greater Snowy Egrets, and Seaside Sparrows.  Not that I found any this time.  But I had fun looking.  Now, it's back to the songbirds at home.

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