Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mixed Feelings on Decoys

It's been a most fascinating summer at the office park where a pair of Black Vultures have set up a base camp.  We first observed them in April and as recently as Wednesday last week I spotted one.  It's gotten even more interesting because experts have been brought in to drive off the birds.  Guano is a problem.  In the picture we can see one of two "decoys" put up to spook the real vultures.  I confess to not being sure if this one is upside up or down.  I am guessing down as well as guessing this is supposed to be a Turkey Vulture (pink head).  I have experience with scarecrows and equivalents and I am skeptical.  But the experts say this is a valid technique that has worked elsewhere.  I keep watching.  For the sake of facilities management, I hope this succeeds and the vultures can find a more suitable environment.  But I would miss those fascinating birds.

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