Sunday, October 6, 2013

Squirrel Update

Fall is upon us, and so are the fall behaviors of most wretched sciurus carolinensis--and they have been a piece of work.  Not that the squirrels are raiding the feeders: that behavior was greatly curtailed long ago.  But they are digging in the yard and dining on the deck railing--and making quite the mess of things.  I suppose I would rather that take place than spend the money to feed them, so I tolerate the nonsense.  But golly, there are an increasing number of dig holes!  Also on the plus side are fewer tree rats: we seem vexed only by two.  I wonder if the other two we've usually seen have passed on by grace of hawks or cars.  Something tells me word will get out and the void filled.  With squirrels, nothing too good lasts!

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