Thursday, October 10, 2013

Watching For the Winter Set

We are getting ever close to the point of time where the winter species of the Piedmont should start to become evident.  But what I have experienced year after year is a sort of pokiness.  I hardly ever encounter species much before mid November.  Among the ultimate visitors will be juncos, White Throated Sparrows and Yellow Rumped Warblers (shown).  In fact, it is the warblers I expect to see first.  I see them at the office park nearly as the leaves fall, working in the wax myrtles.  And that's why I planted wax myrtles here!  I am hoping to draw in these "Myrtle Warblers" earlier.  That may take time but I'll bet they get the message in a year or two.  For now, we watch and wait.  Who will be first?

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