Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Annual Nest Box Check

I can bring them in to feed.  And to water.  But I can't get them to nest.  My annual nest box check took place Saturday, a time when I verify nesting use in the boxes and then clean them out for the coming year.  And it was a bust.  Out of eight boxes, I found nest activity in only one.  And this one was the box where White Breasted Nuthatches were observed in the spring.  They made a tight and soft package that seems to have included an awful lot of hair!  I can only assume this was scored from creatures other than myself!  Or perhaps it's lint gathered from all of the dryer vents.  In any case it's a classic WBN design.  I'm disappointed this was all we had from 2013.  But we can hope for better results next year.  I always do!

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