Thursday, November 14, 2013

Strange Doings at Bird Bottle

Nesting season ended many months ago, didn't it?  Yes.  And birds really don't care much about nesting materials here in November?  You would think so.  But there are very strange doings at the Williamsburg "bird bottle" nearly halfway to winter.  I have noticed over the past week that the bottle was being stuffed with pine needles and other material.  At first I thought I was imagining the increase.  Then today, the bottle was completely emptied.  And all the material vanished, utterly.  Not just fell to the driveway.  Vanished altogether.  So what is going on in this too-often-neglected structure?  Nutty birds?  some kind of weird bird turf war?  I will keep my eye up there but no suspects are on my list.  This kind of thing makes fall so interesting!

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