Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How Bad Up North?

As winter storm after winter storm sweeps across the North, and as signs abound of some mighty cold conditions thataways, I find myself wondering if some of the irruptive birds will be found down here this winter.  In fact, there are reports of a Snowy Owl in the western part of the state.  But around here I have been roundly disappointed.  No Red Breasted Nuthatches.  No Purple Finches.  Not even the bane of my last year, these charming Pine Siskins.  None of the winter oddities at all.  But you say, perhaps they have not found you yet!  And that's a real concern.  The roughest months are ahead.  And the Siskins did pile up after the first of the year.  Is it that bad up north?  will I have some special visitors?  We shall see.

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