Thursday, January 9, 2014

Definitely No Siskins

I may be testing fate, but I am now prepared to believe we will be Siskin-free this winter.  The irruption of 2012-13 has not been repeated, and I have seen no Siskins whatever at the feeders.  This is no surprise as the Siskins are most irregular in these parts and have only visited, I believe, three times in the past eight years.  In some ways, this is good news.  I learned last winter that it is easy to attract a great number of Siskins, which are as voracious a species of seed eater as I could imagine.  And I didn't imagine the 52 Siskins I counted during the Great Backyard Bird Count!  So my budget is unstrained and the only piggies at the trough are the predictable House Finches.  That seems fine this time out.  Maybe next year?

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