Monday, January 13, 2014

Snow Birds, No Snow

We're inches from the middle of winter in the Piedmont and so far we are fortunate (in my view) to have seen no snow whatsoever in the season.  But bless us, we have had plenty of "snow birds" and that is plenty fine by me.  The Slate Colored Juncos are maintaining themselves in a group of half a dozen birds that work the perimeter of the property beneath low shrubs.  Occasionally they forage across the lawn and give the yard a strange moving appearance as if it had small waves.  At least until one studies individual birds.  Last winter the flock grew a bit as we moved into February so I shall be interested to see if that happens again -- I'd like to get a better junco "score" in the Great Backyard Bird Count.  And even after that we should see juncos for a good while.  Hooray!

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