Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great Backyard Bird Count, Part 1

The 2014 edition of the Great Backyard Bird Count is underway, and I have started collecting my data for the four day run.  I was not in a good position to bird during Friday, but got in three sessions today totaling 90 minutes.  (I am a busy person!)  I am expecting more available time the rest of the weekend.  And I was impacted by high winds from a departing storm that kept the birds in hunker-down mode.  But this was enough time to spot 21 species on the property.  The top species, by far, were the American Goldfinches.  I observed at least 15 birds at one time.  There were also at least 9 House Finches, 8 Northern Cardinals, and 5 Brown Headed Cowbirds.  I have not seen, yet, a single Hairy Woodpecker, Kinglet, American Crow, Towhee, Brown Headed Nuthatch, or Northern Flicker, all of which are found in these parts during winter. The count will go on and we will see what happens!

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