Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blackbirds Make Merry

I think I have said it before: Red Winged Blackbirds are wonderful to behold---in their marshes and swamps.  In the cul-de-sac...not so much.  As happened last year a large number of low ranking males have used this property and its ample food resources as a sort of biker bar.  They hang about in the trees circling the house and raid seed relentlessly.  When I am present, they hang back and make the devil's own racket from a safe height.  And as you would imagine, I can't do a blasted thing to discourage them.   The only relief is time when Nature finally calls them back to the swamp and I am free from the racket.  At least, mercifully I don't have to deal with 100 of them as I did last year at this time!  They make merry now.  I must wait.

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