Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bird Bottle Second Brood Still Going Strong

Call me crazy but I am excited to see a second nest coming along in our Williamsburg Bird Bottle.  This unique nest site has drawn Carolina Wrens twice this year, and that is a first.  I can confirm sighting an exiting bird at several points across the last two weeks.  It took a few years to learn how to position the bottle for proper effect, and at last the wrens---my only real target--responded.  Once last year, and twice in 2014.  They seem to like the height (well above the garage door) and in its shady corner on the north face of the house.  They would prefer nesting inside the garage, but that has been strongly discouraged, so this works out as a decent #2!  We should see results soon.  It will be late to have a fledge too deep into July.

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