Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grackle Free Backyard

There were many cheers this week at the land of CaryBirdCam.  And that is because the last two "Starve-Out" sessions at the feeders seem to have worked.  Consumption of sunflower seed and suet has greatly slowed, and no grackles have been seen anywhere around.  But I have many more desirable visitors, such as goldfinches, bluebirds, cardinals and nuthatches.  I can highly recommend this tactic.  Basically, a starve-out involves taking down or emptying feeders for a week or two.  That's usually long enough to discourage grackles and cause them to move along.  I realize some other poor sap is now feeding grackles, but we all have to make small sacrifices.  And now I have a grackle free backyard -- for now.

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