Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crows Are Up to Something

For several days now I have seen a small group -- perhaps a family group -- of American Crows drift through the backwoods of my property. They've gotten close to the house, but they don't appear the least interested in the feeder stations or even any food possibilities on the back lawn. And they're quiet noisy. As we walk through the neighborhoods we can pick them out pretty well anywhere within a quarter of a mile, so with enough days I am satisfied these birds very well have a territory that includes my property. So what's up? If they aren't checking my place out for good eats, what could they be up to? I wonder if they are already scouting out nest locations. Crows are early nesters, and this part of Cary offers some attractive possibilities: fair sized wooded sections close to creeks and ponds. So just possibly there could be a nesting pair very close by. We shall keep our eyes open.

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