Saturday, February 20, 2010

Few Signs of Robins

There are increasing signs of spring in the Piedmont. My Red Maples are showing a blush of color. There are calls of frogs. And some birds are acting ever more territorial. But one sign of spring has been conspicuously absent here: the American Robin. I have seen a Robin here only twice since the end of July. I managed a BirdCam photo in early December. That bird evidently didn't stick around. And I spotted one hopping about the deck on Thursday. And not since. I'm unaccustomed to seeing so little of these cheerful songbirds, especially as for many years my lawn has been so attractive to them. The reason that changed escapes me, particularly as I have made no changes of importance, and as I have seen a flock of Robins in the immediate area. As always, birds have their own mind and agenda, and perhaps soon this species will resume its daily detective work here. I wait with eagerness.

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