Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peanut Butter Plan Worked Beautifully

In past years I have had a difficulty putting out peanut butter for the birds. Attracting birds was not the problem (at least in the cold months and in the spring.) The problem was that the squirrels often cleaned me out, and I used too much product. Back on Christmas Eve I bought a cage enclosure and it has worked beautifully. Not only have the squirrels left the feeder alone (and I mean totally--none even try any more) but virtually every species who I attracted previously can get in and enjoy the peanut butter. An exception appears to be the Hermit Thrush, but that bird is doing fine at the suet baskets. And the cage (and protective dome) provides additional amenities: a secure place to perch when waiting one's turn, as demonstrated by the Pine Warbler on the right. So everyone wins: birds get the peanut butter, squirrels don't, and my budget is not stretched. Now to solve other problems!

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