Friday, March 5, 2010

Safflower Seed Pleases Many

It is always recommended of beginners (or those on a tight budget) to put out black oil sunflower seed to attract the widest spectrum of bird species. But if one is expanding the menu, I would heartily recommend safflower seed. I stock three feeders with this product and usually have a hard time keeping them all full! Safflower seed has two primary appeals for me. First, it is Northern Cardinal bait like none other and second, is generally avoided by squirrels. In recent weeks the safflower seed pull has been enormous. Cardinals, Mourning Doves, House Finches, and even Brown Headed Nuthatch are raiding those feeders. The down side of course is that safflower seed is more expensive: even at my favorite seed outlet, and in bulk 25 pound sacks, I'm looking at 88 cents per pound (about twice what I pay for sunflower.) But if it fits the budget it is a wonderful and effective addition to the backyard feeder cafe.

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