Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bluebird Mystery

Last year, one of our best nest success stories came in the form of "Baby Blue", a juvenile Eastern Bluebird. I'm hoping to see further success in 2010. Bluebirds seem to do well in our area. Heaven knows there are sufficient manmade boxes around this suburb! But as for mine, I have not the faintest idea where they're nesting. It certainly isn't on this property, and we think our boxes aren't in sufficiently open territory. I promised them I would get a better box up this year. Until then, I hope that wherever they go they make it work. And that day is coming soon. I'm starting to see Bluebirds more regularly. Yesterday both this male and his presumptive partner dropped by the suet basket several times. Let's hope they can bring Baby Blue '10 in as a third guest!

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