Monday, April 26, 2010

An Excellent Web Resource

I am continually amazed at the vast amount of material available on the Internet. And increasingly, there are excellent web site resources for birders. Here's one of my reliable standbys: Whatbird is the brainchild of Mitchell Waite, providing outstanding identification materials on 800 species. I've been using it both to quickly look up identifications but even more so to share with those who ask me to identify birds. I can provide my ID and use Whatbird to show them visual detail. I've recommended using the "Whatbird engine" to key out birds and it seems to work quite well. I'd also like to point out that Mitchell Waite is also the mastermind behind iBird, the superb resource for the iPhone. Sorry to say I have not graduated to a smartphone so my endorsement comes care of others. But if I pick one up, you can be sure that this birder will be downloading that app right away! And I continue to use and appreciate Whatbird. You may want to bookmark this one for your online birding library.

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