Friday, April 2, 2010

Peanut Butter Losing Interest

In my experience feeding birds, some foodstuffs work better at only certain times. And for me, peanut products (butter or pieces) don't seem to score well as the temperature soars. I got to the point last year when I just plain stopped putting out peanut butter in the five warmest months altogether. And indeed, as we've crossed the threshold into air conditioning times (can you believe it was 84 degrees F here yesterday?!) my peanut butter feeder has gotten almost no traffic. In Thursday's BirdCam output I recorded a mere four pictures at this feeder: one Pine Warbler (shown) and one Northern Mockingbird were the only photographed visitors, once each (!) Some of this decline is due to migration. The Yellow-Rumped Warblers and Ruby Crowned Kinglets are gone. But some is change of taste and habits. I have not seen as much of the Brown Headed Nuthatches who were crazy for the stuff all winter. Even the Carolina Wrens show desultory interest. I'll have to watch things for another week or so, just to be sure the freak heat wave doesn't kill off interest completely, but this feeder's days are numbered. By May 1 it will be cleaned and stored for the summer. And we will turn to other things, just the way the birds want it.

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