Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BirdCam 2.0 At the Midyear Mark

It's been almost exactly six months since I placed my order for one of Wingscape's new BirdCam 2.0 products. The new addition to the Cary BirdCam fleet has performed as advertised: we're enjoying higher resolution images, and have also picked up solid images from predawn hourse delivered care of the flash feature. So far I have had no important problems of any kind with the product. The BirdCam--in my experience-- was, and remains a reliable and sturdy device. The only trouble I have experienced is that the lens does fog up during heavy rain events. But hey, that's a pretty minor complaint, for after all, there are not that many birds on the feeders when it rains that heavily! So if you are considering buying a BirdCam 2.0, I believe you'll have a very satisfactory experience. I'm ready to enjoy my next six months of photography with this marvelous device!

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