Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Last Surprise

We must be loved, or perhaps there is something else, but we still have some winter birds lingering into April. And I am very surprised. I am quite taken back when I can power down a lawn mower and hear the liquid sweetness of a White Throated Sparrow. Those radically different sounds have never been taken in together before, or at least to my memory. And there is an even higher level of amazement when I can inspect all of the blooming flowers here ... and then see a Slate Colored Junco -- the proverbial "snowbird" -- hopping about in search of small bits. I can't ever remember seeing one here as late as April 4th. And yet here these winter birds are, for whatever reason, adding their presence to a springtime in full swing. Was today the very last sighting? Was this a special gift to this observer for one more beautiful weekend?

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