Monday, April 4, 2011

Music in the Pines

For the musically inclined (and I hope my credentials are good enough) the springtime provides many pleasures care of our bird friends. I'm amusing myself by picking apart the elaborate polyphony here: the whistly song of the cardinals, the syncopated scat by robins, and the penetrating titmouse piccolo are noteworthy. One I'm especially fond of hearing comes from this fellow: the Pine Warbler. They don't sing incessantly, making their somewhat metallic scale quite noticeable, and a fine theme cominng from high in the pines. Pine Warbler seems, musically speaking, to look at his song as a bit of obligato on top of the voices below. And such a fine instrument he has! Happily, I'll enjoy this one for a good many weeks as the breeding season continues. Pine Warbler's notes will not be at all boring or repetitive. Sing on! sing on!

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