Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Peaceable Kingdom

So many times-- no, too many times, we bird feeders complain about the various vexations we see almost daily. But these days, I must stand up and give great thanks for having what seems a completely peaceable kingdom of birds here at Cary BirdCam. What gives, you ask? First, no gluttonous birds. The little stomachs-on-a-wing, such as the House Finch (shown) don't seem to be around lately. At least not for most of two weeks. Second, the winter birds lingered, so I could enjoy them more. The Hermit Thrush was even spotted today! Third, NO SQUIRREL ISSUES. Yes, you heard it. I don't see the little fuzzy pests in or on my feeders, and they seem content to munch on "table scraps" dropping from feeders above. Fourth, the pesky Red Bellied Woodpeckers have not been heard hammering on any house, especially mine. I'm sure they're getting ready, but the quiet (and lack of damage) is wonderful. Fifth, no "junky" birds. That means no grackles. No "snarlings". No cowbirds. And even the hawks don't seem to be around. You can't ask for better. I'm enjoying every blessed second of this reprieve from the trials of yore. Luck? darn tootin'. For now, I have a peaceable kingdom all my own.

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