Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ol' Yellow Eyes

One of our more erratic visitors is this handsome Mimid: the Brown Thrasher. It's a summer bird in much of eastern North America but confines itself in the off months to the southeast. In spite of our favored geography, I usually don't see them in the winter, although I am certain they are around, scratching through the understory, and I spot one every rare now and then. I will get them at the feeders (suet is favored) but when they visit they like to poke around underneath, scratching up insects and other invertebrates. And when they sing, My! it's said to be a better mimic than the Mockingbird, and it's quite true---when they work up a song. More quality: less quantity, as is always the case! And they're fun to watch. I enjoy the big scratch-and-hoppers, both this one and the Eastern Towhee. So the spring is well upon us and in some sense it's Thrasher Time again. 'Tis a good time.

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