Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Like a Pizza Party for the Birds

Our part of the country is experiencing one of those 13-year "eruptions" of periodical cicadas (magicicada neotrecim.)

Our Brood XIX is a very large eruption largely concentrated in the southeast states, and I'm daily getting reports of these large insects buzzing up a storm. It's so loud public agencies are having to advise citizens that they're not hearing warning alarms! Such a huge outpouring of cicadas is simply wonderful news for birds. It will be like a pizza party for teens: birds can gorge themselves easily as cicadas are not much of a fighting species. I remember a wave of Brood X in Princeton, NJ in 1987 where I recall birds so glutted with cicadas they resembled Thanksgiving Day dinners. I am not sure if my own property has any of these cicadas, but they are in town and I just heard today of reports in two nearby parks. We shall see what comes and whether my birds get to enjoy the Mother of Feasts. I'll be sure to let you know! [note: thanks to my dear friend C.S. of Apex NC for this photograph]

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