Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Little Wren

Seems the Carolina Wrens pulled off a successful nesting, wherever it was. This BirdCam photo captured a look at the latest juvenile I've spotted. LittleWren is hounding one of its parents for a scrap of suet. It won't be long before the little devil figures out how to snag its own snack, but the rituals must be observed and a little harassment is, of course, required. I only wish I could have found the nest. It does not seem that the wrens used any of my offered nest boxes, but a Magnolia on my neighbor's land
is still a prime suspect given the amount of commotion wrens raised when I got near the shrub. However, I haven't spotted anything nest-like from where I could see. The species count here is three with fledglings. Who's next?

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