Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Unusual Feeder Photo

In over 85,000 photos BirdCam has taken for me (since 12/17/07) I have never seen one, until today, that showed a songbird actually singing. This is not much of a surprise as birds don't tend to sing at feeders. But this Carolina Wren perched itself on the main suet feeder and is in that characteristic wren throw-back-the-head-and-belt-one-out pose. If you haven't seen a wren blasting away, you're missing one of nature's wonders. These little birds can light up a decibel meter. For them, a song is an intense physical act that surely must consume many ergs of energy. And as we know, wrens sing a lot, being all-year-round defenders of territory. Quite an unusual picture of an astonishing act!

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