Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Hot Suet

Some adventures in suet during these hot weeks (14 of the last 19 days peaked at 90F+):

One, hot pepper suet is caliente! I've put out 21 cakes (!) in the past four weeks: ten in the past two weeks. There are still many hungry fledglings running around. Think of it, amigos, that's an average of almost one cake a day! But it's all bird, not squirrel consumption!

Two, I've glommed on to a hot deal! I found an Internet dealer willing to sell the hot cakes for fewer pesos than my best local source (which tends to run out a lot in this season!) If interested, check out my newest friend in the world of birding supplies, Nottowa Wild Bird Supply. I bought 36 cakes of the hot stuff, at 19% cheaper than the local price (after I added the sales tax to make things fair).

Aiee!! It's been something to behold. May and June are always the hottest months for suet, and 2011 has borne that out in spades. But I have enough to stock probably to last into deep summer, and there are happy, well-fed babies out there. Nice!

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