Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Young Going Strong

Our crop of fledglings, while not complete (at very least we don't have the young hummingbirds or goldfinches yet) has been hearty and growing up very fast. My sense of things looking at comings and goings at the feeders is that the Northern Cardinals (shown), Eastern Bluebirds and House Finches did best, with three or more young added to the clan. Other species have turned in one or two young each. I'm less certain about the chickadees and titmice, but these blasted birds all look so much alike! Obviously nature still has time and ability to pare down these numbers, but each day that goes by favors the ascension to adulthood of them all. I'm also content that when I shut down feeders (temporarily) next week they'll all have ability to do quite well with other, natural choices. On to a fine summer with the young'uns!

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