Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Murder on Feathers

This is a fun photo, taken this morning by the Wingscapes BirdCam. It's almost too difficult to recognize these birds: I puzzled over them just a little while. But examining the entirety of the photography, I've decided that the bird on the left is a juvenile Gray Catbird (the first I have remembered getting good pictures of) and the one on the right, a molting adult of the same species. Junior had likely been chasing the parent(s) around in hopes of a suet snack. And I can't help thinking Mom/Dad (?) have a little bit else the mind, like getting new feathers soon. Yes, bird patenting is murder on plumage, and we're seeing others looking just as bedraggled. A little later this summer, with kids out of the way, and good eating, and all will be well. For now, it's no luck for good looks!

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