Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Going Anywhere

Seems we have a Grackle Summer here. Back in early June a family group starting congregating at the suet feeder, demolishing the cakes, and also mobbing the pedestal bath. I hoped cutting off the food supply for a week would incentivize these pests to move on. It didn't work. They're still here. BirdCam has been watching the bath for two solid weeks and the Grackles appear multiple times each day. Fortunately the suet consumption is not too bad, so perhaps the Grackles are on best behavior, whatever that is. But they remain here. I'll be thinking of what I need to do in days ahead. Endure? Combat? we shall see.

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Woodduck said...

I completely understand. I hate getting mobbed by the big birds. I was getting so many Eurasian Collared Doves that I began rationing it out. The last few weeks I have just put out a limited amount for my cardinals. My catbirds are taking care of themselves and are just thankfull for free water!