Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Attracting the Squeaky Toy

Our delightful Brown Headed Nuthatches, unique to the southeast (and dubbed "squeaky toy" for their amusing high-pitched call) is normally a fickle bird: at first hanging about the feeders for some days, then vanishing for as many. But I see them much more often now that there is a peanut feeder handy. The BHN's are very fond of peanuts and work this feeder hard. They're so addicted I have not seen them at the seed feeders or suet in a long time. Why bother! Evidently this foodstuff is a potent magnet for these little nuthatches. And this makes me wonder if, assuming a cold winter, I have an equal magnet for the elusive Red Breasted Nuthatches. Hmmmm. Well, for now, it's attracting Squeaky Toy that counts!


Deb said...

I am very lucky to be having the red breasted nuthatches visiting me for the last two weeks! I love this bird but they don't hang around on a regular basis.

David R. Lindquist said...

I think we're due to see some RBN's here this winter. They're awfully irregular: haven't seen one since 2008-09. I agree---you're lucky!