Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Peaceful, Pointless Moment

I pondered what interesting tidbit from my backyard world would be appropriate for the last day of August...the last full day of a hot summer core. I'll be honest: I came up dry, at least with respect to photos, incidents, and behavior. So I'll bunt with this moment from yesterday. I walked the main street of the city inspecting nine new pieces of public art. And the starting point, on the lawn of Town Hall itself, was graced by three American Crows. One used this bench more or less for the purpose intended, and his two cronies(?) perched on a granite sign. It was me, and them, and the art. The birds didn't seem to mind me, I didn't mind them, and neither of us really minded the art (although I could say I liked it). A strange, quiet moment on the next-to-last day of August. Not sure if it means anything. Sorry!

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