Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At Least One Contented Bather

It is always a fine entertainment to watch various birds as they make use of the bird baths.  But I think the best of this is provided by the robins.  I do not know quite what it is I find so amusing.  Some of the fun is the "look" after a robin soaks itself.  Some of it is the flapping and splashing needed to achieve the soak.   Whatever goes on must be satisfying, for the robins are the species that returns the most to the bath during the day, and it bears noting that the juvenile robin of the season lurks about the ground level bath every year.  The fun must continue, for us at least, and presumably for the robins.  Thus the bath is topped off each day with fresh water and cleaned regulary.  Can't have them moving to a neighbors'!

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