Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back from English Sparrow Seaport

Hello dear readers!  We are back from a full weekend mostly spent in the state of Connecticut.  And amidst the turmoil of family events and some sightseeing, I kept my eye open for birds.  Unfortunately, I didn't score extremely well.  Opportunities were few, and I didn't have my binocs to help.  Let's start with the ubiquitous English Sparrow, and old world finch -- and every bit a finch, if I might say so.  These pesky rascals have nearly overrun one of our tourist stops at Mystic Seaport on the southeast coast of Connecticut.  One would expect them to be practically living at the food concessions.  But I found them in all sorts of other places, too.  The seaport is the right mix of urban habitat, sloppy eaters, and whatever else to make a finchy paradise.  The mariners of old would not likely have heard these birds.  Now one hears almost nothing else!  Did I see any others?  Yes I did, and they'll get mention in my next post.

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