Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Wildlife Support

Last fall my friends the Cary naturalists visited our property to assess wildlife value, which they didn't really doubt, but also to suggest some additions.  2012 has seen plenty of activity moving the ball down the field.  Since midsummer I have uprooted a number of exotic shrubs, replaced them with natives with good food value, such as wax myrtle and beautyberry, and put in other wildflowers native to our area.  I believe I am now at 25 species of native flowers, vines and shrubs -- and counting!  Over the next few years our property should gain greatly in attractiveness, wildlife value, and "low maintenance gardening" appropriate to our drought- and near-drought climate.  I still have a number of good, cool autumnal weekends ahead to prepare space for more additions.  I hope my back holds out!

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