Saturday, September 22, 2012

Not Many Robins

Every season has its surprises, particularly with surfeits or deficits of various birds.  This summer one of the missing is the American Robin.  I saw quite a few in the spring, but hardly any this summer, at least in the times I have looked.  We must assume that the eats are good---elsewhere.  Or that our property hasn't been providing something.  This has happened before so I am not deeply worried.  They'll be back, maybe soon, or maybe next year (remember that our robins migrate and in the winter I'll see robins who migrated from the northeast.)  Too bad.  I have been digging a lot lately.  The robins missed some good soil disturbances!

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Deb said...

That's too bad! I find this interesting because it seems like I've seen MORE robins than usual this summer!In fact it's been a really good summer at my feeders for birds that are usually infrequent for me. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it?