Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feeder #4: Sunflower That Works

This feeder is an early acquisition for the fleet.  In fact, I bought two and use both to this day, one on my main feeder tree and the other in the quiet southwest corner.  I believe it's a Duncraft product and has gotten high marks for its squirrel-proof design.  The secret is an outer cage layer around a tight mesh tube.  I have seen squirrels attack it but can't get their heads in.  The down side is that it's squirrel proof: only small birds can get in.  In this photo you can see the Pine Siskins successfully pulling out seeds.  A cardinal, say, doesn't stand a chance.  Still, one must offer a range of solutions that suit birds and not our furry friends.  Another down side is that is not the easiest thing to clean.  But a good hose nozzle and drying time will make cleaning manageable.  And I like the feeder design.  It's reasonably priced and does its job and gets a thumbs up.

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