Monday, January 21, 2013

Got It Right This Time

It is always a pleasure to see a bird that just doesn't come by often.  Heck, you can see Carolina Wrens all day and while that's fine, it's so expected.  But take Picoides villosus -- the Hairy Woodpecker. This rascal almost wants to be unseen.  And every time I count species I ache for one to present itself for the census.  Which they never do.  Earlier in the weekend I had that ache and misidentified Downy Woodpeckers twice. Not so here.  That long beak is unmistakeable.  And that left me blissfully snapping photo after photo as this female Hairy stopped by for a bite (hint: no red on the head).  Two happinesses: seeing the Hairy, and getting the identification right!

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