Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeder #5: Platform Seed Bar

Experts say platform feeders are a must-do in every serious birdfeeder plan.  I couldn't agree more.  There are species that prefer to deal with a flat surface (Cardinals and Mourning Doves come to mind) and it's an easy place to mix different food products without birds tossing out what they don't want.  They're also highly entertaining, for our main platform feeder, hanging at the #1 station, is our "coffee bar".  The safflower seed there attracts slow moving, almost glassy eyed doves who can hang out for long periods of time.  And at the same time little guys like nuthatches race in to grab a quick "cup a Joe" in the form of suet nuggets.  The only additional advice I'd give: find a good weather dome to cover the feeder.  Contents can easily get soaked and mold.  Then watch the fun!

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