Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feeder #9: Eco Tube

A recent addition to the fleet was this "Eco Tube".  It's state of the art.  Not only is this bad boy coated with special material to discourage bacteria, but it's a breeze to clean.  Everything seems to be removable!  Especially the bottom cap which on most feeders is glued on and which accumulates the most nastiness.  This feeder has performed as advertised (by the good people at Wild Birds Unlimited) and I am interested in replacing one of the older models with another one of these.  Its only downside?  well, in my case, finches and siskins!  they eat so much sunflower seed I need to refill the darn thing twice in three days!  And, perhaps the cost--but the extra features are well worth it!  This is one to consider for your own feeder stations.  You will not regret adding one!

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