Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Season for Gulling

Isn't winter a special time?  It certainly is, for us landlubbers, when the gulls come.  Ring Billed Gulls are a common sight nowadays throughout our state during the winter.  And they are easiest to find in our trashdumps and parking lots.  I can count on a substantial group outside my favored chicken-and-biscuit franchise.  They wait, patiently, for the odd french fry or sandwich crust.  I marvel at their taste in human leavings.  But as we have seen they are fine scavengers.  They provide a quantum of natural dignity in the least possessing locations.  This parking lot is nicely embellished by the gulls, but I certainly hope they add to better places as well: ponds, perhaps, or parks.  So who doesn't like gulls?

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