Saturday, February 2, 2013

Feeder #10 - One That Didn't Make the Cut

So far in my little series on feeders I have discussed ones that are current fixtures.  There have been some dismal failures or disappointments.  And here's the first of those.  This tube feeder was the 2nd added to my fleet many years ago.  It sure looked good.  And it performed satisfactorily.  But it was a nightmare to clean. And frankly, the fittings corroded in an unhealthy looking way.  It also took more than its share of abuse from squirrels, and in the end it was retired in favor of a state of the art model.  Lesson to be learned...beginners, you may want to consult more seasoned birdfeeders.  Sometimes the ones that look so good (and are priced nicely) may not be the ideal feeder for you.

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